Invicta Speedway Men's 18K Rose Gold Ion Plated  Chronograph Watch Model 17201

invicta 17201

This 5 rated invicta speedway watch is one of the most outstanding watches in the market. It is round in appearance making it look elegant and professional in every aspect.


For starters, it has a Japanese quartz movement embedded on its analog display. Even though it is not digital, it is incredibly beautiful. In addition, it has a 51mm stainless steel case that ensures protection of the watch.

The case has a synthetic sapphire dial window that functions well.

This invicta speedway watch has a black dial that has luminous markers. Due to the luminous nature, the user can still be able to see the time even when in a poorly lit place. Moreover, its date window is fixed at the 6 o’clock mark.

Its band is made from polyurethane and has gold tone links. It has a buckle closure to ensure the watch is tight while on the user’s wrist.

For people who enjoy swimming, be assured that even if you forget to remove the watch; it won’t get spoilt. However, the watch is water resistant up to a level of 330 feet. It is also not recommended for scuba diving.

Its case measures 5.1 centimeters with a thickness of 18mm. This speedway watch measures 9 inches by 5.9 inches by 5.9 inches with a weight of 6lbs. Unlike most digital watches, this one is battery-powered.


Why you should choose this watch

It is one of the best watches in the market and has the highest ranking so far. In addition, it comes with a 1 year warranty. This means that even if it spoils within the period it can easily be replaced with the right reason.

It has awesome features that make the watch look elegant and stylish in every aspect. The color-blend of the watch allows any man to wear the watch with any outfit.


Advantages of using Invicta Speedway Men’s 18K Rose Gold Ion-Plated Chronograph Watch

Like most watches, Invicta Speedway is comfortable to wear at all times and for any occasion. This may either be outdoor or indoor; it doesn’t matter much.

Even with its ideal look and stunning nature it is cost-friendly and is of high-quality.

Its features are of high quality making it a durable watch

This speedway watch can definitely make you be a better time keeper

It is elegant, stylish and luxurious. In addition, it can easily fit in with any man’s lifestyle.

This Invicta Speedway Men’s 18K Rose Gold Ion-Plated Chronograph Watch can be a great choice for a gift.

You can make an excellent first impression while wearing this Invicta Speedway watch

It has a beautiful chronograph and sub dials


Disadvantages of Invicta Speedway Men’s 18K Rose Gold Ion-Plated Chronograph Watch.

It cannot be used for scuba diving, because of its water resistance limit of 330feet.

This speedway watch is somehow heavy and bulky.

Unfortunately, it is not scratch resistant.


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